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The process of storing goods in large quantities under a safe and protected building for a long or short time period is called warehousing. When we purchase goods from a manufacturer in a large quantity to continue even supply as per future demand, it is called warehousing or storing. The warehoused/ stored goods are shipped gradually to smaller markets by means of middle-men to supply to the consumers. While speaking architecturally warehouses can be classified into the following eight types

Mezzanine Flooring:

Mezzanine flooring is an intermediate floor in a building, which is open from one side and closed on another side.

It is constructed some feet above the main floor of the building. The mezzanine floors are accessed by means of staircases. The purpose of these floors is to store the goods in large quantity. The main ceiling of the warehouse building is constructed very high, and then, multiple mezzanine floors are constructed, each with a staircase. These floors are supported by means of abutments and piers. Apart from warehouses, these types of floorings are constructed in homes, for storing household goods.


Climate Controlled Warehouses

Automated Warehouses





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