Who we are ?

Esnnad is an Engineering and Construction Company established in 2019 and classified as Fourth Class Civil and Building Contractor by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing. The highest amount of project cost that we are allowed to take is two million JD.
Esnnad priority is to gain the satisfaction of their customers. Working as one team and multi-tasking works. the continuity of our success & the support of our partners for the success of their projects. We succeed before we begin. We work non-stop. We can when many can't.

Our Philosophy

To provide high-quality service in a standard time, and an effective cost-manner. We take our work seriously, and we are proud of every work we do.


Become a world class leading construction company by building high quality structures while adhering to our core values.


To provide the highest quality level of services in the construction industry.

To Offer superior craftsmanship in all and each project.

Core Values:





Why choosing ESNNAD?

Because of our Unique Propositions…

Our Policies

People - Team

High experienced hands- senior management Skilled engineers with excellent experience Highly motivated manpower


Implement all project activities within a standard time and allocated budget to meet client’s expectations and achieve project objectives


Efficient & effective project management Reliable supply resources


Apply the highest standards and qualities, in compliance with legislation and requirements


The in-house Sufficiently equipped capabilities give ESNNAD its cost-effective competitive advantage


Include environmental considerations into our business decisions, operations & meeting the standards expected by community and government.


Provide high-quality and excellent services that exceed client expectations, at an effective cost within particular timeframe.

Build strong relationships through serving stakeholders in the community

Building a strong footprint in the construction industry through sustainable projects and establishing added-value partnerships with other companies

Maintain discipline, welfare, and good leadership through the proper utilization of labor, materials, and trainings, following best practices and standards.

  We are passionate about Design Architecture and Construction